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The Paris Olympics on track for 2024

That's it! It's official: Paris will host the 2024 Olympics, games which we hope will be innovative, welcoming, generous, and environmentally conscious...We can see it already. But what exactly would we see if we could travel 7 years forward in time and catch a glimpse of the Olympic village before anyone else?

What's going on in Paris? Watched by the foodies indulging at Ladurée, the Champs Elysée has all of a sudden been transformed into a gigantic cycle track. The venerable Champs de Mars looks like a beach volleyball court. And beneath the magnificent and newly restored glass roof of the Grand Palais, two fencers are standing ready en garde.

Horse Race at the Château de Versailles

The Eiffel Tower is hosting the triathlon, and the Seine itself serves as both a race course and an Olympics pool. A few miles away at Versailles, a horse race is underway, and the horses and riders seem as if they belong in its French gardens.

Get ready to live the Olympics

Welcome to summer 2024. No, it itsn't a dream: the whole of Paris is part of the Olympic Games. France wants this Olympiad to be innovative and giving, the watchwords sharing and sustainability. But most of all, France wants the games to take place in the heart of the city, its monuments, its history, and its future. And you've just seen it before anyone else...

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